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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cover Girl Mega Deal

Okay, okay. I know you might be like "shut up about the Cover Girl make-up coupon." No, no I refuse. First thing, it's my blog. Second, I have some valid points =)

Guys (yes, I know you read my blog too!), Halloween is coming up! You can use the face make-up then! DUH! My old friend from Marshall County (shout out!) sent me a facebook message, confirming that the coupon can be used on face sponges too! Those are only $2.94! That means you use the $8.00/2 found in last Sunday's P&G insert and you will have over $2.00 to spend on something else!

Girls, this is a great chance to stock up on make-up!

This Sunday, I actually used the coupon to fund a charity event I did! We were able to make over 400 ribbons to support breast cancer awareness!

I actually even went to Coupons by DeDe and bought more!

Let me know how you all do!



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