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Friday, July 1, 2011

Printable Coupons

There are a lot of websites where you can print coupons off on the internet! These are sites that I know are legit. Please do not try to pass off fake coupons, this is illegal. You can know printable coupons are fake if:
  • When you print them off it says "see reverse side for detail" you obviously do not have a reverse side
  • The deal is too good to be true. You aren't going to find a coupon for a completely free case of Coke!
  • The expiration date is over 6 months from now, remember the better the deal the less time you have.
  • OR the coupon has NO expiration date.
  • If someone shares a coupon and it has someone's name specified. Don't try it.
  • The coupon has a fake logo, wrong colors, or the wrong font. Believe me stores and merchants are VERY careful to use the same fonts, colors, and logos. If it looks off, it probably won't get you any money off.
  • No UPC code
  • It was scanned from the paper. Coupons from the newspaper or magazines are not excepted if they are photocopied.

Because people try to scam stores with coupons some stores DO NOT accept printable coupons. I plan to put a list of stores coupon policies, but for now you can go here for a printable list. However, this will not hold up in a store if you take it with you and try to use it as proof. If you know you'll be using coupons at a certain store and they might argue take their coupon policy from their website with you!

But here are the best places to print coupons directly, and you will often see them in the coupon matches of the sites I told you about! One thing you should know is that most of the time you will be asked to install an "coupon printer." I have not heard from anyone that this will harm your computer. I'm sure they do this as a security future for their website.

Manufacturer Coupons
Store Specific


Now here is another thing you might not know about. ECoupons. These are types of coupons that can be loaded to rewards card to be used at the store! Some can be used in combination with store coupons and manufacturing coupons.

I also recommend joining UPromise if you are saving for college. If you'd rather not join the link below is a guest link I am provided with. It will let you access all the deals (and it helps me).

Electronic Coupons

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