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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Doubling Coupons in Alabama

I know most of my readers are in Alabama so I thought I would put these coupon doubling policies up for the local grocery stores. Remember these are unofficial and if you think you might have trouble be sure to take the coupon policy from the store actual website!

What does doubling coupons mean? For example, if it says it doubles to $0.50 that means that the stores will automatically "double" a coupon. So if you have 0.50 off it will actually be a dollar! BUT if you a 0.55 coupon it will only be 0.55 because they only double to 0.50. They WILL NOT double a coupon if it is clearly printed on the coupon Do Not Double!

Birmingham area (I feel certain this also applies to North Alabama)
Bruno's- Doubles to 50¢
Food Giant- On Mondays they double up to 90¢, On Wednesdays- Seniors get 5% discount, Tuesday through Sunday- matches local competitors' prices (must have published ad)
Food World- Doubles to 50¢
Publix- Doubles to 50¢
Winn Dixie- Doubles to 50¢
Food Smart – No doubles
Piggly Wiggly – No doubles

Wal-Mart Supercenter- No Doubles

Western Supermarket – No Doubles

Target and K-Mart- No Doubles

Central Alabama
Bruno's – No Doubles
Food World – No Doubles
Publix – No Doubles
Wal-Mart Supercenter- No Doubles
Western Supermarket – No Doubles
Sam's Club- No coupons

Southern Alabama
Fred's- up to 70¢ on Saturdays only, No Internet coupons and only doubles the 1st coupon if buying more than 1 of the same thing.
No grocery stores found that double or triple in the area


Yay! So now you know how to save even more money!

Use this to your advantage! Yes, Wal-Mart will match prices and take coupons BUT let's do an example:

Publix has Hot Dogs marked down to $1.99 in their weekly Ad. You also have a coupon for $0.50 off. You could take the ad to Wal-Mart since they would match the ad, and accept the coupon. You will get the Hot Dogs for $1.49. Still a great deal! However, if you go to Publix they will double the coupon and you will get the hotdogs for $0.99! An even better deal!

Hope this help some of you get an idea of how to use coupons to your advantage!



P.S. Just a reminder on the Wal-Mart matching policy since I brought it up. They only match prices from competitors in a printed ad and an EXCACT price. For example, they will not match an ad that says "Buy one get one ___" or "25% off"

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