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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Websites To Save On

Ah! Yesterday I forgot a few crucial sites!
I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Groupon and Living Social. If not you need to join! They send out "daily deals" for the city you locate! They can be amazing deals on clothes, food, and even vacations! The trick? Usually they only last a day! It's free to sign up and you don't have to buy anything so what's the harm!
Living Social Daily Deal

One that can really come in handy is Recycle Bank! It's a cool websites where you learn free facts about recycling and random things (i.e. did you know back in the day a diaper contained 1 gallon of wood pulp!) for points! Then you can redeem those points for exclusive coupons and deals! Recycle Bank

There are also a few shopping websites that are great! Ebay and Amazon are great, but there are some you might not know about:
Beyond the Rack is amazing for you girls that want to be up to date but not pay those prices! I have seen Chanel, Coach, Gucci, and sooo many more! They are an invitation only thing, but below is an invite link! They have sales that run for about three days. New sales start daily: Vintage Louis Vuitton, D&G, Mukluks, Restricted Footwear, ViaNova and Chez by Cheryl, Malibu Creations, Elizabeth Grace, One 2 One Lingerie, and more events start today!‏ They also have stuff for the home, like right now they have some cute stuff from Neat Freak...hmmm might be getting a new pink striped shoe holder. However, do note that it is based in Canada and shipping can take awhile. I wouldn't suggest buying stuff that might expire b/c Customs can be strict!
Beyond the Rack

I love shoes. So a website that has super cheap shoes (think I bought a pair of men's DC shoes for under $20.00 ) that are good quality, count me in! is great! I also love it because of the large size selection! They also carry clothing and accessories!

I also love Gilt! They have great sales on cute and high quality stuff. However, I don't think their sales are as good as Beyond the Rack and I don't always recognize their brands. BUT they have had a few amazing steals! Gilt

Another website that is worth joining is HomeSav. It's a website that is a lot like Beyond the Rack but it's more for home stuff! HomeSav

Enjoy! I think my next blog will be on organizing those coupons you've been clipping! I know I get a lot of questions about my binder! =)

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