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Monday, July 18, 2011

Websites you must join!

So, one thing I've learned in doing this is that everyone loves to share websites with me! And I love it too! So if you do have a website you always go to for deals, feel free to facebook me or email me!

Now, there are a few that I think every student needs to join!


The first is UPromise. It's a website that students can get exclusive deals and a small percentage of the money spent is put in a savings for college! You don't have to do anything different, just register your credit/debit cards and use them at the regular stores. Plus they have special coupons just for members!


Amazon: As a student you can get free two day shipping! I use it all the time! They even have textbooks for unbelievable prices! Def. the best deal around!


Swagbucks! You can get rewards just for shopping and use them to get giftcards! For free!


Another website a close friend recommended for those of us who need corrective lenses is:

They have frames as low 6.95!


Now, one thing that I recommend doing:

NEVER PAY FULL PRICE ONLINE! If you ever find yourself about to order online, just go to Google (or your swagbucks!) and type in the name of the website/retailer followed by promo code or coupon code!








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