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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Staples Amazing School Supply Sale!

TODAY Staples is starting a new week of sales! INCLUDING SOME ITEMS FOR A PENNY!

The penny items go through Wednesday, but in my experience they are usually long gone by then!

These are the same for North and Central Alabama, but staple's ads can vary by location and you probably need to check their website to make sure they match! Thanks to Cuckoo for Coupon Deals!

$.01 Items

  • Staples Erasers 12 pack
  • 4 oz. Staples Glue
  • Bic Pens 8 pack

$.25 Items

  • Staples Multi-Purpose Paper (500 sheets)
  • Slider Pencil Case
  • Mechanical Pencils 5-pack
  • Staples Stickies Tape Flag
  • 2 Pocket Poly Folder

$1.00 Items

  • HP Everyday Photo Paper (50 sheets) 
  • Mini Stapler
  • Staples Paper Clips, Push Pins & Binder Clips
  • Westcott Preferred Scissors
  • 2 pack Westcott Children's Scissors
  • 4 pack Staples Glue Sticks
  • Staples Letter Size Writing Pad
  • Die Cut Post-It Notes 2-pack
  • Top Bound Journal with Pen
  • Staples Mini Writing Pad 5-pack
  • Staples 3-Hole Binder Punch
  • Sharpie Markers 5-pack
  • Staples fat memo book (200 pages)


$2.00 Items

  • Webster's Dictionary ($1.99)
  • Zebra Z-Grip 5 pack pens
  • Softsoap Hand Soap
  • Scotch Shipping Tape with small dispenser
  • 35 pack of Clorox Wipes
  • Germ-X 8 oz.


    There are more $2 deals online!


Other worth mentioning deals:

50% off all Sierra backpacks

7.99 for a Staples Slim like pencil sharpener

12.99 8GB metallic flash drive



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