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Friday, July 1, 2011


Okay. So, what student does not like FREE stuff? That's why everyone always comes to campus and tries to give us things (and we are more likely to change brands but still we like free stuff)

So, one of my favorite websites ( always has a "Freebie Friday" post. I decided to take her idea for my first post!

I'm not going to post her entire list. Why? Because I'm not going to put the baby deals (you are welcome to go to her for that stuff) or some of the things like arthritis meds. However if you are a young parent in college (I'm very, very impressed) or a 25 year old with arthritis, there are LOTS of freebies out there for you! I'm just not going to post them. She also lists a lot of free book deals but I'm not going to take the time to post them, because most are Ebooks and I haven't had time to check them. I don't want to post a link that might not work. On that note if you click one of the links and it doesn't work let me know!

Not all these are from her website just the majority. I do believe in giving credit so the samples below will be a collection from the following sites:

Cuckoo for Coupon Deals (majority)

Hey Its Free!

Eric's Free Site


One thing to remember, samples take 4-6 weeks to arrive!

One site that always changes is Wal-Mart. Wait? You can get stuff free from Wal-Mart? Yep! And they are always rotating. So just bookmark this site and check it ever so often. Samples posted there run out quick so if you see one, sign up!

Free Walmart Samples


Photo Deals:


Okay, as far as the Vistaprint deal. You might think as a college student you don't need office supplies. However, use it to get simple business cards with just your contact information. You can give these to people you meet that might be helpful for your career, and it will look already professional! They also do invitations, I used Vistaprint recently to order invites for my best friend's wedding shower! Another idea, mailing labels!


Health and Beauty: (Girls get excited; some of these are full size!)

Free Feminine Care Samples

Free Magazines (some of these are for parents or about babies, you could surprise a parent with one! There is also a lot more free magazines listed here (thanks Hey Its Free!)

Food Freebies

Pet Freebies

Entertainment/Music Freebies ( I didn't check any of these so let me know if some of them don't work.)

Other Freebies: (I did not check all of these, but I did some. I also deleted some from her original list. However, if you want to look at the original list click here)


I hope everyone enjoys these and get's lots of free stuff!!






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  1. Lots of free stuff that I was about to have to buy anyways! thanks so much!